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What is BitQaan?

Bitqaan is a promising currency of the future that offers stability and consistent profitability. With Bitqaan, you have access to an alternative financial system that guarantees the safety of your investments and assets, while also providing a reliable source of profits. Read more...

BitQaan is The Financial Engine Of This World

Bitqaan is 21st Century Technology company. Usually people get profits when they sell products. If you are a bitqaan member you will get profits if you or anyone else from bitqaan community buy stuff e.g if a bitqaan user from Canada or Europe buy anything from store there, the person sitting in Asia or Africa will get profits from his transaction. Bitqaan is combination of all eCommerce Web 3.0 and old hybrid system. You can sell goods, services and you can do whatever you want to and get coins in returns. In future we are hoping Bitqaan will replace bitcoin because whatever bitcoin suppose to deliver and failed Bitqaan will do that.

Bitqaan Market Place

Become part of world biggest market place to sell your products all over the world. You can get orders directly from customers from all over the world. There is no middleman or agents involved. Customers will pay you in advance and you can start preparing their orders. Deliver them quality products on time and get more orders fast.

Hot Products

Bitqaan Shopping Mall

Buy Quality Products Direcly From Factories Outlets

You can buy quality products direcly from factories outlets all around the world at very low prices with high quality stuff. Every brand and factory has outlets in Bitqaan shopping mall where you can buy whatever you need at very reasonable prices and get it delivered asap to your door step.

Latest Outlets

BitQaan Food Place

Order Directly From Bitqaan Food Place

Either World most famous restaurant or local delicious cuisines everything you can order directly from Bitqaan Food Place. You can check the restaurant ratings and reviews from real people. Every person’s review is verified from Bitqaan. You can pay for your food with Bitqaan and get coins in returns. When you pay via Bitqaan you can get lower prices on each item as well. The most delicious food with great prices.

Bitqaan Social Palace

Get paid while using Bitqaan Social Palace you can post, browse, check status and you can do all the social media activity at one place. And while you are on bitqaan social palace you are getting paid for every second you spend on bitsocial platform.

BitQaan Protection Guarantee

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All Transactions:

Tracking# Method Age Seller Buyer BTQ
22802Transfer1 hour agoBitQaanRehman16000
22801Transfer7 hours agozebAslam23340
22800Transfer9 hours agouserKausar5850
22799Transfer9 hours agouserKausar1000
22798Transfer12 hours agoMalikSheikh19000
22797Transfer1 day agoMahamabdul134
22795Buy2 days agoAhmadGhaffar707
22794Transfer2 days agoBitQaanshah100000
22793Transfer2 days agoBitQaanuser100000
22792Transfer2 days agoBitQaanuser100000
22790Buy3 days agoAbbasiuser5381
22791Buy3 days agoBitQaanuser2290
22789Transfer3 days agoBitQaanArfi100000
22788Transfer3 days agoRehmanAslam40000
22786Buy3 days agoAyazUllah2192
22787Buy3 days agoAbbasiUllah4119
22785Transfer4 days agoBitQaanMirjat400
22784Transfer4 days agoBitQaanAli1250
22783Transfer4 days agoBitQaanQayyum100000
22782Transfer4 days agoBitQaanMirjat6000
22781Buy4 days agoBitQaanFarooqi2537
22780Transfer4 days agoBitQaanQaiser100000
22779Transfer4 days agoBitQaanuser100000
22778Transfer4 days agoBitQaanKolachi100000
22777Transfer4 days agoBitQaanKhan100000
22776Transfer5 days agoBitQaanAbbas400000
22775Transfer5 days agoBitQaanAta ul basit100000
22774Transfer5 days agoBitQaanBasit100000
22773Transfer5 days agoBitQaanuser200000
22772Transfer5 days agoBitQaanAbbas200000
22771Transfer5 days agoBitQaanNadeem200000
22770Buy5 days agoBitQaanAwan19379
22761Buy5 days agoAftabAwan5997
22762Buy5 days agoAliAwan400
22763Buy5 days agoJanAwan3
22764Buy5 days agoJanAwan3
22765Buy5 days agokhanAwan5000
22766Buy5 days agouserAwan2000
22767Buy5 days agouserAwan1050
22768Buy5 days agoAfridiAwan2400
22769Buy5 days agouserAwan6000
22760Buy5 days agoAftabIshaq1588
22759Transfer5 days agoBitQaanUsman100000
22758Transfer5 days agoBitQaanNasreen1250
22757Transfer5 days agoBitQaanNisa100000
22756Buy5 days agoAftabHanan2015
22755Transfer5 days agoBitQaanBibi100000
22754Buy6 days agoHananHameed Abbasi1000
22748Buy6 days agoHameed AbbasiHussain1564
22749Buy6 days agoHameed AbbasiHussain500